Developing early skills through purposeful play and meaningful, hands-on experiences.

Toddlers are little explorers, always curious and eager to learn!  

Our toddler program taps into this natural curiosity by focusing on developing early skills within the areas of language / literacy, math, and social / emotional learning through activities that spark their imaginations and help them grow. 

Intentional interactions in our toddler room might look like:

  • Language and Literacy: Engaging in shared reading, storytelling, and songs to introduce new vocabulary and concepts. Providing a literacy-rich environment with accessible books, magazines, and writing materials. Introducing activities that require toddlers to complete multiple steps, promoting problem-solving skills and attention span.
  • Social and Emotional Learning: Providing safe and supportive environments where toddlers can develop strategies for managing their feelings and expressing themselves appropriately. Establishing clear and consistent routines to create a structured environment that supports toddlers' physical, cognitive, and social-emotional development. Guiding toddlers in identifying and labeling basic emotions in themselves and others, fostering empathy and self-awareness. Using books and puppets that explore different emotions and social situations.
  • Math: Using everyday situations to introduce mathematical concepts like counting and sorting. Engaging children in puzzles and free play with manipulatives to enhance problem-solving skills. Providing a numeracy-rich environment with counting posters, number blocks, and measuring tools. 

STEAM concepts are integrated into every aspect of our program, stimulating curiosity and laying the groundwork for future learning. 

 We achieve this through:

  • Literacy Exploration: Exposing toddlers to a variety of books, poems, and songs that foster a love for reading. Through reading and storytelling, toddlers learn to recognize patterns and make real-world connections.
  • Math in Everyday Life: Whether it's counting during a diaper change or sorting objects by color or shape, toddlers regularly engage in hands-on math experiences that help build their numeracy skills. 
  • Science & Exploration: Toddlers are natural scientists, constantly exploring and investigating the world around them. We provide ample opportunities for toddlers to observe and experiment. Through activities like sensory play and nature walks, toddlers learn about the properties of materials, cause and effect relationships, and basic scientific principles. 
  • Arts & Creativity: Toddlers are encouraged to express themselves and develop their fine motor skills through music, movement, art and creative play.

By integrating STEAM concepts into our Toddler program, we aim to provide a well-rounded educational experience that nurtures the whole child. Our approach not only prepares toddlers for future academic success but also fosters a love of learning and a curiosity about the world around them.