Building social skills and promoting cognitive development through a combination of open-ended play and structured learning experiences.

Our Threes program fosters the cognitive, physical, social, and emotional development of young learners in a nurturing space where they are encouraged to explore, learn, and grow at their own pace. 

Intentional interactions in our threes room might look like:

Language and Literacy: Reading aloud as a group, pausing to ask questions that encourage listening comprehension, vocabulary development, and prediction skills. Using open-ended questions during children's dramatic play that promotes language development and reciprocal communication. Breaking down tasks into smaller steps, scaffolding children's understanding and empower them to complete tasks independently. Providing opportunities for journal writing. Exploring letter recognition, phonics, and early literacy through hands-on activities and small group lessons.
Social and Emotional Learning: Utilizing a "feelings check in" as part of arrival or morning meeting. Modeling coping mechanisms for frustration and practicing self-regulation techniques. Supporting children through peer conflict through the use of the classroom's "Solution Kit." Learning about different feelings and emotions through Diane Alber's "A Little Spot" series.
Math:  Developing number sense, one-to-one correspondence, and categorization skills through hands-on activities with manipulatives. Identifying shapes and practicing spatial reasoning through puzzles. Introducing basic measurement concepts through baking or following a simple recipe.

These intentional interactions are the building blocks of a child's successful journey in the world of learning.