Inquiry-based learning with a focus on social / emotional skills, early literacy, and math concepts.

Preschool is a crucial time for young minds to explore, experiment, and develop foundational skills. Our preschool program provides children with plenty of opportunities for these discoveries while empowering them to become confident learners and creative thinkers.

Intentional interactions in our preschool room might look like:

Language and Literacy: Enhancing language skills by immersing children in rich storytelling experiences, encouraging them to explore books independently, and engaging in discussions about the stories they encounter. Building writing skills through journaling, creative writing exercises, and phonics activities.  Labeling materials in the environment to support letter and word recognition.
Social and Emotional Learning: Engaging children in group projects that allow for collaboration, teamwork, negotiation, and conflict resolution. Participating in themed dramatic play (bakery, construction site, etc.) that encourages empathy, role-playing and social interaction. Introducing calming activities like mindful breathing to help children regulate their emotions.
Math: Employing counting and sorting activities during building projects or while exploring natural objects, like sorting leaves by color or size. Incorporating exploration of patterns and shapes in art activities, building with blocks, or identifying geometric shapes in nature. Encouraging children to solve problems during engineering challenges, like building a bridge or a tower. Modeling simple charting and graphing to record observations and introduce children to data collection.

Our STEAM-focused classrooms and open-ended manipulatives provide invitations to investigate, engineer, and communicate discoveries.

What Parents are Saying:

"We love the balance of math, literacy, and social/emotional experiences that our child is exposed to on a daily basis."

"I love the frequent updates from staff and teachers about what the kids are working on throughout the day and how this aligns with their curriculum. I love the photos that are sent. I love how emotional development is emphasized at the school and the kids are taught to examine their feelings and reactions to stressors."

"We love the amazing learning opportunities and the caring teachers."