Kindergarten Prep

Enriched program developing essential skills in reading, writing, math, critical thinking, and s/e learning.

Our Kindergarten Prep program is designed to provide young learners with the essential skills and experiences necessary for a successful transition to kindergarten. Our curriculum focuses on fostering language / literacy development, social / emotional growth, and math proficiency. 

Intentional interactions in our kindergarten prep room might look like:

Language and Literacy:  Engaging students in various activities that promote vocabulary development, phonemic awareness, and reading comprehension. Participating in interactive read-alouds where they discuss story elements and make predictions about the plot. Encouraging children to retell stories in their own words. Facilitating small group activities such as letter recognition games and sight word puzzles to reinforce early literacy skills. Exploring rhyming books, poetry, and songs to form a deeper understanding of language patterns. Providing a variety of writing tools and materials for children to write letters and words.

Social and Emotional Learning: Building positive relationships and teaching important social skills such as empathy, communication, and problem-solving. Modeling and encouraging cooperative play, conflict resolution strategies, and self-regulation techniques. Guiding students in practicing turn-taking and problem solving to promote social interaction and collaboration.  Engaging children in discussions about feelings, conflict resolution, and empathy. Role-playing social scenarios to help them understand different perspectives and build empathy.
Math:  Integrating math into daily routines. Counting the number of children present, measuring ingredients for baking or an experiment, or creating a simple graph to track data. Building on foundational knowledge of counting, patterning, and shapes through hands-on activities and games. Engaging students in sorting and classifying objects, measuring with various tools, and solving simple addition and subtraction problems. Using board games to reinforce counting and number recognition. 

 Our STEAM-focused classrooms and open-ended manipulatives provide invitations to investigate, engineer, and communicate discoveries. 

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STEMscopes curriculum aligns with the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) through a process of inquiry-based investigations that build critical thinking skills. This results-oriented curriculum is used nationwide within thousands of school districts and has received multiple awards.

What Parents are Saying:

"When [Our son] started Kindergarten and we had our first parent-teacher conferences, his teacher said he is at the top of his class with his alphabet, numbers, shapes, etc. He is performing so well... I love the learning activities you are doing... We are so thankful for you all!"

"He's adjusted really well. Better than we even expected. I think the kindergarten-prep program really made the transition smooth for him."

"She was so well-prepared for Kindergarten."