Nurturing young minds through play, exploration, and intentional interactions. 

We believe that learning begins at birth, and our infant program is tailored to support infants' natural curiosity and emerging social-emotional development. Through age-appropriate activities, we aim to cultivate a foundation for lifelong learning and foster a love of STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math). 

Intentional Interactions in our infant classroom might look like:

  • Language and Literacy: Engaging in rich conversations with infants, using clear and simple language that expands their vocabulary and fosters receptive language skills. Encouraging turn-taking and back-and-forth interactions, laying the groundwork for future communication. 
  • Social and Emotional Learning: Providing a predictable and responsive environment, offering comfort and support when needed. Modeling and naming emotions for infants, helping them recognize and label their own feelings and those of others. Maintaining daily routines that provide structure and predictability, creating a sense of calm and security. Promoting peer interaction by providing opportunities for infants to play together in a safe and supportive environment.
  • Math: Using everyday situations to introduce mathematical concepts like counting and sorting. Engaging children in puzzles and free play with manipulatives to enhance problem-solving skills. Providing a numeracy-rich environment with counting posters, number blocks, and measuring tools. 

STEAM concepts are integrated into every aspect of our program, stimulating curiosity and laying the groundwork for future learning. 

 We achieve this through:

  • Literacy Exploration: Through engaging read-alouds, interactive songs, and sensory experiences with books, we introduce infants to the magic of print. We also encourage emergent writing through scribbling, mark-making, and drawing.
  • Math in Everyday Life: We integrate math concepts into our routines. This includes counting during diaper changes, sorting toys, and exploring patterns in music and movement. We use age-appropriate language to introduce fundamental math concepts, such as 'more' and 'less.'
  • Science & Exploration: We encourage infants to explore their environment through sensory play, cause-and-effect activities, and experiments that pique their curiosity. Simple activities, like observing bubbles or playing with water, introduce scientific concepts and encourage observation.
  • Arts & Creativity: We foster creativity through music, art, and movement activities. This allows infants to express themselves through various mediums and develop their imagination. 

Our infant program fosters a safe, nurturing, and stimulating environment where infants can thrive and develop a love of learning. We believe that by nurturing their social-emotional and cognitive development, we are laying the foundation for a bright and successful future.

What Parents are Saying:

"We love the classroom environments. The teachers [our children] have are fostering their learning beyond our expectations. They aren't at a daycare, they are at a school... Our 2 year old learns so much each day." 

"We are really happy with our child's experience at A+ and are grateful for the tireless work that everyone puts in to make it a happy and safe place for our child to be!"