Our STEAM-focused classrooms and open-ended manipulatives provide invitations to investigate, engineer, and communicate discoveries. 

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STEMscopes curriculum aligns with the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) through a process of inquiry-based investigations that build critical thinking skills. This results-oriented curriculum is used nationwide within thousands of school districts and has received multiple awards.

Kindergarten Prep Program

Your child may have a hard time adapting when they join kindergarten. Tests taken soon after enrollment show that 71% of kindergarteners in Illinois perform below par in the primary developmental areas. We can help you smooth out this transition for your child by preparing them emotionally, socially, and academically beforehand. The kindergarten environment is academically rigorous and it is taxing both socially and emotionally. A child who struggles to cope may develop low self-esteem at this sensitive stageā€”a situation that may cause great damage and take longer to resolve in later stages. You can avoid the nagging feelings of doubt and uncertainty regarding whether or not your child is kindergarten-ready by enrolling them in our kindergarten-prep program. We prepare children academically for kindergarten while helping them develop the social / emotional skills necessary to thrive.

What your child will gain:


In our kindergarten-prep program, your child will learn to use mathematical vocabulary in daily interactions and demonstrate both rote and rational counting. Further, your child will be able to group, construct and identify geometrical shapes and understand quantities and place values. Having a sense of measurement where size, weight, volume, and time are concerned is one of the competencies necessary to excel in kindergarten. We help your child acquire this, along with patterning and classification skills. 

Language / Literacy

A kindergartener should be able to engage in increasingly long one-on-one conversations. Our kindergarten-prep program will help your child develop this skill. Our students also grow in their ability to express themselves verbally, leading to more meaningful conversations. In addition to these communication skills, your child will firm up his or her ability to identify letters and sounds, both individually and as a part of words. Interest in literacy and written materials is vital to a preschooler's academic journey. We use a targeted approach to spark and nurture their interest in decoding meaning from written material and writing.

Social / Emotional

The ability to live harmoniously with others is critical. It keeps kids from being miserable at school and also from being disruptive. Our kindergarten-prep program will help your child learn how to regulate his or her feelings and work cooperatively with classmates. Typically, preschool-aged children are just beginning to understand that life exists outside themselves and that the feelings and ideas of others matter. We help our kindergarten-prep students identify and label different emotions and understand these feelings not only in themselves, but when they see or invoke them in others. With distractions mounting as children discover more and more of the world around them, we help them develop strategies to harness their boundless energy and channel their curiosity toward learning. 

What Parents are Saying:

"[Our son] started school in August and we just had our first parent-teacher conferences. He is one of the younger ones in the class (some kids are almost a whole year older) and his teacher said he is at the top of his class with his alphabet, numbers, shapes, etc. He is performing so well... I love the learning activities you are doing... We are so thankful for you all!"

"He's adjusted really well. Better than we even expected. I think the kindergarten-prep program really made the transition smooth for him."

"She was so well-prepared for Kindergarten."

"He is LOVING Kindergarten! It's funny the things he already knows, too... Preschool was so good for him and he learned so much to prepare."