Infant / Toddler

Multi-Age Classroom

Our infant-two teachers partner with you to support and guide your child through every exciting developmental milestone. They provide a safe, nurturing, and stimulating classroom environment with predictable routines. Through age-appropriate explorations and meaningful interactions with their caregivers and peers, your child will engage in sensory play, art and music experiences, and activities that focus on language/literacy, math, and fine/gross motor. 

What Parents are Saying:

"We love the classroom environments. The teachers [our children] have are fostering their learning beyond our expectations. They aren't at a daycare, they are at a school. Even our 2 year old learns so much each day." 

"We are really happy with our child's experience at A+ and are grateful for the tireless work that everyone puts in to make it a happy and safe place for our child to be!"